Jun 20

Synge Maher Can Not Be “Tamed”

I took a psychology class last year where we learned a lot about bipolar disorder, a disorder in which a person usually experiences episodes of “mania”, or a frenzied, sometimes hyper state, alternating with the complete opposite, episodes of severe depression. If you were to watch Synge Maher work one day this week, and didn’t know she was an actress, you might think she has it.

Synge is currently playing the role of “Myra” at night at Pioneer Playhouse in the show they are presenting,

Don't you wish you looked this good when people Google imaged you? Congratulations, Synge Maher!

Don’t you wish you looked this good when people Google imaged you? Congratulations, Synge Maher!

Deathtrap. If you haven’t seen it (shame on you. It’s really good. Go.), “Myra” is a hobbled up, faint-of-heart, feeble, anxious woman who you would assume would go tumbling across the room if someone were to breathe too hard out of their nose. But during the day, as she rehearses her lead role of “Kate” in the Playhouse’s next offering, Tamed, she’s very……not Myra. According to Synge, her day job these days requires her to be a “a fierce and independent rapping b-girl from New York.” (Does the “b” stand for “bipolar”? Makes ya wonder…). Wanna hear something else about “Kate” that sounds super-un-Myra-ish? “She’s quite the wildcat, (UK, REPRESENT!) uninterested in feeling “caged” and has a lot to say- usually rhymed and set to a beat.”

While both roles sound challenging and fun to play (Kate sounds especially fun, but actors like playing the destitute characters, too), can you even imagine trying to come out of “Kate” mode and get into Deathtrap mode in a matter of a couple hours? Synge does it every day. And she doesn’t even sweat it (although I’m sure she sweats. It’s freaking hot out there when she’s bustin’ a rhyme every day!). “It’s not so difficult to make that shift because we’d all go bananas if we had to carry the pathos of Deathtrap all day or the frenetic pace of Tamed.” I’ll have to take her word for it, but it sounds hard. And, Synge isn’t saying it’s not. “They (Kate and Myra) both call for a very different set of skills. The challenge of using a breadth of skills is exhausting and exhilarating.” It has to be. But, for Synge (by the way, “Synge” is an awesome name, isn’t it?), there is some compensation for all the difficulty: “We get fed well so that helps.” With a line like that, she fits right in here in Kentucky.

She actually is from Denver, CO, and there’s something else about her that I can get behind: “I grew up in the Mile High City, left at age 17 but am still an avid Broncos fan.” JACOB TAMME, REPRESENT!! She is a repeat offender at the Playhouse, this being her 6th summer with us in Danville, where she has acted AND directed (some people get all the talent). She obviously loves the area, since she keeps coming back. She states, “Danville is a great town. It’s such a different pace from NYC and as hard as we work, there’s still a bit of it that feels like vacation!” She’s definitely working hard these days!

The show, from all that I’ve gathered, sounds hilarious. After seeing Synge play “Myra”, it’s going to be crazy seeing her dropping fresh beats on the Playhouse stage. I just can’t wrap my head around it! Oh, and another cool, little side-story to Tamed: Synge will get to be onstage, playing the love interest of her real-life fiancé, Chris Kateff. That’s gotta be a blast! Here’s Synge’s thoughts on that aspect: “Chris is one of my favorite people to work with.” Get a room. She continues: “He’s incredibly talented and generous and will absolutely keep me on my toes! We are incredibly fortunate to be able to work together so often and of course it’s a treat when your love interest is the person you love.” Everyone together… “Awwwwweeee”

I hope my expectations aren’t too high (like they were for Man of Steel. Don’t get me started) but after talking to the people surrounding this production, I’m really excited for it. Nothing beats a good comedy, and this has all the makings of one. The show opens June 25 and runs for two weeks. My review will be up Tuesday night after the premier, and I’ll have at least one more preview this weekend.


  1. Carol

    Tell Synge I’m thinking of her and remembering when she was the little girl living across the street from my home in Denver. YOU GO SYNGE!!!

    1. Allen Martin

      Will do, Carol! I bet she’ll be thrilled to hear something from home! She’s making you all proud out here!

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